IMBIBE Rum List of The Year 2018 Winner

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This year’s rum shortlist featured a variety of styles, from distinct pirate themes to serious lists by way of impressive rum cocktail menus. It was Laki Kane that took the trophy, however, with its smart, accessible, beautifully-designed menu, which boasted a vast array of great rum cocktails and a well-edited list of rums. Perhaps best of all, it really reflected the nature of the venue itself.

What the judges said:

‘It’s a really well put together menu and very accessible. The rum cocktails sound great, and while the list of rums in the menu doesn’t cover everything that the bar stocks, it has got a curated selection of rums listed that are available by the bottle,’ Jim Wrigley

‘I could pick my drink just by looking at the illustrations of the cocktails. The descriptions are well structured and well written too,’ Sam Fish

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