Independent Islington Area Guide

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Local Buyers Club have included Laki Kane in their Independent Islington Area Guide as one of their picks for local drinks.

Local Buyers Club is a fantastic way to discover new, exciting places and support local businesses.

“Transport yourself to a sun-drenched Pacific island at Laki Kane. This Upper Street Bar was crowned by The Nudge as one of the 10 Best Bars in London. They serve exotic cocktails in ornate glasses – freshly prepared with artisanal rums and hand-made sugar cane syrups. You can even distil your own bottle of rum here!”

Taste of Thailand

Mid-Week Treat Every Tuesday & Wednesday

Head over to Islington for a mid-week treat and have a Taste of Thailand with our 2-course menu for only £18pp. Don’t forget to try our Thai inspired cocktails for only £10 each!